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Fiberglass blending filter bag

Fiberglass blending filter bag products with high temperature, high strength, anti-acid corrosion, wear, bending and other characteristics. After different surface chemical treatment and finishing technology, it also has the characteristics of easy cleaning, water repellent, anti - oil, anti - static and so on. It is suitable for 150 ~ 200 ° C, 200 ~ 250 ° C, 250 ~ 300 ° C series of different temperature range of products.

Fiberglass blending filter bag supplier

Fiberglass blending filter bag



 Compared with fiberglass filter bag, Fiberglass blending filter bag has obvious improvement in abrasion resistance, flexural strength and peeling strength, and can bear high filtration load.


Material :

Fiberglass compound staple fiber, P84 fibre, Nomex fiber



The filtration speed can reach 1.0m/min, and the running resistance is low. Compared with synthetic chemical fiber high temperature resistant filter material, to overcome the large chemical fiber filter material elongation, large deformation, low temperature resistant, corrosion resistance and weaknesses; Better dimension stability, strength, and the price is lower than other high temperature resistant chemical fiber.



Glass fiber composite bag has been widely used in iron and steel, nonferrous metal smelting, chemical industry, building materials, electric power department.


Physical and Chemical Properties of Fiberglass Blending Filter Bag:

Fibre Composition

Glass fiber/ High temperature fiber

Scrim Composition

E-glass fiber







Mean Air Permeability


m3/m2/[email protected]

Breaking Strength-CD ( warp )



Breaking Strength-MD (weft)



Breaking Elongation-CD



Breaking EIongation-MD



Dry Shrinkage-CD

< 1


Dry Shrinkage-MD

< 1


Recommended Continous Operating Temperature



Recommended Short-term Operating Temperature





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