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Nylon filter cloth

Nylon filter cloth is made of polyamide fiber (commonly known as nylon) has a certain role in the filter cloth, a nylon filter cloth.

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Nylon filter cloth for alkali and inorganic acid at room temperature with corrosion resistance, low price, but the fiber is weak, poor strength.



1. Monofilament PA Filter Cloth (1) PA filament yarn filter cloth (2) PA staple yarn filter cloth 2. Multifilament PA Filter Cloth (1) PA filament yarn filter cloth (2) PA staple yarn filter cloth


Performance of monofilament PA Filter Cloth:

•Great permeability of air and water.
•Less jam possibility.
•Filter cake can be easily released and recycled.
•The strength expense can be ignored after dealt with NaoH(10%),as Polyamide is used 16h in the state of 90℃.
•It’s continual applied temperature within 120℃ and the instant applied temperature can be up to 150℃.
•PA 66 can not be applied in the field of Pharmacy and Food industry.
•Great strength,especially its anti-abrasion is top-ranked in all general fibers.
•Resist strong alkali and weak acid.



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